Sexual & Domestic Assault Investigator Utica NY

Sexual harassment claims are serious and should be taken seriously by the investigator handling the case. These are also sensitive investigations and should be handled by an investigator that knows the ins and outs of the laws. Mission Possible Investigations investigators are such investigators. Mission Possible Investigations investigators can review files, conduct interviews and assess credibility of those involved and other potential witnesses, complete thorough background checks and get the specifics of what happened. If necessary and appropriate, investigators can obtain video and audio surveillance as well.

Sexual Assault Investigator Utica

Sexual assault investigations should never be handled by an investigator who has no experience handling these cases. Whether the case is going forward in civil court, a false accusation or a search for evidence to bring to case forward criminally, Mission Possible Investigations investigators can help. Mission Possible Investigations has investigators on staff that have worked with sexual assault victims in many capacities from investigations to forensic interviews and legal advocacy. Mission Possible Investigations investigators have with the state protection systems, with law enforcement and prosecutors. Investigators can conduct interviews of potential witnesses, gather evidence, complete background and criminal record checks, and review documentation to help build a criminal or civil case. Call Mission Possible Investigations to speak with trained investigators that have handled thousands of sexual assault cases.

Domestic Investigator Utica

Whether someone is a victim of domestic violence or a friend or family member of someone who may be a victim, these can be highly volatile and dangerous situations for all involved including the investigator. Mission Possible Investigations investigators will handle these cases as sensitively as possible to help provide more information and insight into the situation at hand. Investigators can conduct background criminal record checks as well as conduct surveillance to gather evidence that can better help to determine the situation. Mission Possible Investigations offers a free confidential consultation to better understand the situation and see what value an investigations might be. Mission Possible Investigations investigators have years of training and experience in handling domestic violence situations. Contact Jamie Richardson, owner of Mission Possible Investigations for more details.

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