Workmans Compensation Investigator Utica NY

images4Mission Possible Investigations works with major insurance companies preventing insurance fraud. Fraudulent insurance claims cost billions of dollars annually and most insurance crimes are for financial gain. It doesn’t matter if the claimant conducts hard fraud or soft fraud it’s still money out of an insurance company’s pocket. Mission Possible Investigations can provide the evidence necessary to help and insurance company or an attorney handling insurance fraud cases. Evidence is collected using video and photographic technology for auto, disability, workers compensation and other fraudulent insurance claims. Surveillance in Hi8 and DVD formats are available for video needs. Mission Possible Investigations also uses 35mm or digital photography for any photographic needs. Mission Possible Investigations tailors the investigation to meet the specific needs of the client. Connect with Jamie Richardson, owner of Mission Possible Investigations,for a copy of our full proposal and a cost estimate.

Workmans Compensation Investigation Utica

Workman Compensation Fraud is a serious matter. Making false claims regarding an injury is against the law and Mission Possible Investigations understands a company’s needs to bring those individuals to justice. Mission Possible Investigations investigators work with employers, administrators, claims adjusters, and insurance companies to assist in gathering the necessary evidence and information to take appropriate action. Mission Possible Investigations investigators can conduct surveillance, review documents and complete interviews to obtain information for your litigation matters.

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Mission Possible Investigations has the use of covert surveillance equipment.  Please call to discuss.  At no time will investigators use covert surveillance in violation of New York State or federal laws.  Call today for covert surveillance.