Common Questions at Mission Possible Investigations

What is a Private Investigator?

A Private Investigator is much like any other professional.  They are trained to conduct investigations, sometimes provide surveillance or other investigative services and gather information for their clients quickly, accurately and confidentially. In New York State and Arkansas – where Mission Possible Investigations is licensed – a license is mandatory.  This means that to practice and provide services an investigator needs to show a certain level of experience, education and pass a state test. In NY, an investigator also needs to be bonded and insured.  Investigators come from many walks of life and have varied education and life experiences.  Many are retired law enforcement or have military experience.

What does a Private Investigator do?

Private Investigators gather information for their clients through a variety of investigative techniques which can include research, interviews and surveillance.  Private Investigators clients can be attorneys, businesses, insurance companies and private individuals.  Most investigators work on cases related to legal, financial or personal matters.  Private Investigators are skilled in the art of information gathering and have access to computer databases and searches the general public does not.  Private Investigators can also be called to testify in court.

How should I choose a Private Investigator?-

It’s important to always do your homework and a little research prior to choosing a Private Investigator.  First and foremost, make sure they have a license to investigate.  Most investigators, like Mission Possible Investigations, should offer a free confidential assessment as a way to evaluate your case and provide you with an opportunity to meet and ask questions of the investigators. Find out if they can take the kind of case you have and if they have experience doing it. Ask questions about their background and experience. Listen to what they are telling you, questions they are asking you. How will this person come across if they have to testify for you in court? This is the time for you to evaluate the Private Investigator as much as they are evaluating you and your case.  You will want someone you feel confident can do the job and is up-front with you about the information they feel they can and cannot provide to you.  Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations take pride in not only providing high quality investigations but also in keeping open communication with their clients.

Who owns Mission Possible Investigations?

Mr. Jamie N. Richardson is the founder and owner of Mission Possible Investigations and has over 10 years of investigative training and experience.  He is also an Honorably Discharged United States Marine, having given 6 years of committed service to the Corps. Mr. Richardson has investigated well over 1,500 cases in his career specializing in civil, criminal, financial exploitation, employee fraud, domestic and matrimonial investigations. He has worked as an investigator both in the nonprofit sector, for the State of Florida and as a professional investigator in the state of New York prior to founding Mission Possible Investigations. Mr. Richardson has developed, through his training and experience, a specialty in investigating alleged abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of aging and vulnerable adults. Mr. Richardson has conducted numerous investigations of abuse and neglect in nursing home and aging care settings.  He has also provided numerous media interviews about private investigation work to newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Who will handle my investigation?

Mission Possible Investigations is a small private investigations firm and have remained so in order to provide you the highest quality investigative services possible while keeping your cost affordable. The owner Jamie Richardson or his equally experienced investigative team will handle your case personally. You never will have an inexperienced investigator who is paid $10 to $12 an hour conduct your investigation. Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations have diverse and varied training and experience. Investigators are highly trained in surveillance techniques as well as conducting extensive subject, witness and collateral interviews. Investigators have specialized training in working within the criminal justice system and the state system. Investigators have worked as part of a multidisciplinary team of investigators and providers and have been trained in usage of state of the art technology to include audio, video and stealth photography.

What geographic areas do you serve?

Mission Possible Investigations is licensed in both New York and Arkansas. Many of Mission Possible Investigations private investigations happen in the Utica Rome, NY and surrounding areas as well as Fort Smith and Little Rock, Arkansas and surrounding areas. Mission Possible Investigations can cover cases in all of New York State and Arkansas. Mission Possible Investigations has also built a national network of investigators that we trust and can refer you to if your case should need investigative work outside of New York and Arkansas. This allows you to have Mission Possible Investigation manage the case of you – making sure you have the best possible investigative services available. Mission Possible Investigations also conducts case consultation nationally.

What will it cost?

Mission Possible Investigations charges an hourly rate for investigations. The cost of the investigation is determined by the complexity and nature of the case. Mission Possible Investigations works diligently to gather as much information during the free confidential assessment to save clients time and money during the investigation. All investigations require a retainer fee to start the investigation and the hourly fee is inclusive of all pertinent investigative services including; surveillance, interviews, background searches, photographic/ video evidence, updates and final reports, mileage less than 250 miles per case and investigative supplies. Mission Possible Investigations accepts cash, checks, money orders and credit card payments through the PayPal account on the website.

What will happen during the free confidential consultation?

Each case Mission Possible Investigations takes starts with a free confidential consultation. Jamie Richardson, owner of Mission Possible Investigations, will speak with you directly to discuss the details of your case.  It is important that all details of your case be shared at this time. This will help Mr. Richardson determine what are the best investigative methods to utilize during your investigations, how many hours will be needed, what type of evidence will need to be obtained and an estimate of cost. You can also feel free to ask any questions at this time. Mission Possible Investigations will also provide you with a contract that you must sign. Once the contact and payment is received, the investigation will commence.

What should I be doing before and during the investigation?

First and foremost it is important that you do not discuss the investigation. Mission Possible Investigations has found that even the most innocent comment to the wrong person – even someone you think you can trust – can cause complications during the investigation. You should also be careful about the information you leave lying around; phone numbers in your cell phone, email correspondence or text messages that the subject of the investigations may have access to.  At no time should you or someone you know attempt to check on the investigator’s progress by also coming to a surveillance location. Mission Possible Investigations provides regular updates and at the close of the case provides a detailed report as well as photographic or video evidence showing their work. If you don’t feel you can trust the investigator to do the job, then you shouldn’t hire them.

What happens at the end of the investigation?

Mission Possible Investigations will keep you update throughout the investigation. At the very end of the investigation you or your attorney will be provided with the final report and any photographic or video evidence collected.  You are also able to speak with Jamie Richardson, owner of Mission Possible Investigations – and the only person managing your case – to discuss the findings of the investigation.

If there are other questions you have not on the list, please feel free to call Jamie Richardson at 518-708-1219 or email at [email protected].